easiest decision I’ve ever made

Election year can be a bit daunting, especially when there is no incumbent and a slew of candidates from each party that you have barely heard of.   I’ve done my research, I know my stance on the hot-button issues and have weighed the pros and cons.  Finally, I believe I’ve found a candidate that I can support with a clear conscience. 

kitten for prez

It’s a grass-roots campaign, but I believe if Electric Kitten supporters are vigilant in getting the word out, we may just have a chance at the White House.  I hope you’ll get “charged up” and join me!
I had a chance to interview Tricki (that’s what I call him, we’re tight) and here’s where he stands on some of the issues:

Immigration – love me?  you can stay!
Gun control – people will lose the desire to kill when presented with my cuteness
Abortion – fewer babies, more room for kittens
Dependence on foreign oil – i’m electric, who needs oil?

I asked him his thoughts on the war in Iraq, but he became distracted with his own tail then fell asleep.  No matter, I heard all I need to confidently lend my support to the campaign. 

Let your voice be heard!

2 thoughts on “easiest decision I’ve ever made

  1. Hey! What happened to Chance for president. He’s run in 2000, 2004 and intends to return in 2008. I have the sign to prove it, with him confidently posing. Several in the neighborhood voted for him last year, as you know the choices were between dumb and dumber (with an interesting twist of non-truth thrown in). Sorry, EK, you have got a run fur yur fur.

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