zombie, zombie, burning bright

Y’all know I’m kind of a dork, right?  If you didn’t already know, then consider this my coming out party.  BYOB.

I love Halloween.  I love horror movies.  Especially horror movies with zombies.  Those shuffling puss bags just make me smile. 

What better way to profess my love of the undead than with poetry?  Specifically, haiku.

it shuffles forward
broken leg dragging behind
no pain, just hunger

See?  I told you I was a dork. 

I got more.  Wanna hear them?  Well, you’re gonna anyway cause it’s my blog and that’s how I roll.

a crack of the bat
head explodes like a melon
zombie down for the count

apocalypse looms
terror on the streets of London
oh no, not again

bite mark on my arm
growing hunger in my gut
are those brains I smell?

Had enough?  Too bad!  I have more.

Thriller video
come to life outside my door
they don’t dance good, though

running for my life
should have done more cardio
before zombie plague

in funeral clothes
mouth wide open, moaning deep
would you like a mint?

oh, zombie, zombie
your lonely moans haunt my dreams
wait, I’m awake!

zombie at my door
I need a pint from the pub
where’s my cricket bat?

Okay, okay.  I’m done.  Once I started thinking about them, I just couldn’t stop.  It’s just dorky fun! 

I’d love to hear some from you guys.  Oh, come on.  Try it!

Remember the haiku format:
first line – 5 syllables
second line – 7 syllables
third line – 5 syllables

They don’t have to be about zombies.  I understand that not everyone has such a deep, abiding love of them like I do.  Anything Halloween or horror movie related will suffice. 

Please? Humor me?

Edited to add:  Seriously, you guys rock!  I am loving all your hakius.  This totally makes my day.  Thank you! 

310 thoughts on “zombie, zombie, burning bright

  1. Perhaps you recall(NOT, you’re too young) some opening lines of the poems I HAD TO MEMORIZE in the FIRST grade*: 1) Once upon a midnight dreary…2) Listen my children and you shall hear…3) Aye, tear her tattered ensign down!…4) I think that I shall never see…5)Half a league half a league, half a league onward…6) O captain, my captain, our fearful trip is done… —–Haiku schmykoo *Alright, so it was in second grade. Big deal.

    • 1) The Raven
      2) Paul Revere’s Ride
      3) Old Ironsides
      4) Don’t remember the title but it’s about a tree
      5) Charge of the Light Brigade
      6) well this one’s easy cause the title is the first four words

      I had to memorize Chaucer in the original middle english. In KINDERGARDEN! So there! :)

  2. You win the Emily Dickinson Award! And made Robert Frost smile as well. Unfortunately I don’t think there are more than 8 people out there that know what we are talking about. Hope I’m wrong because they’ll never know what they’ve missed.

    • Count me in the Elite 8, please… I LOVE me some good poetry.

      I also had a particularly sadistic teacher that made me memorize poetry. However, since I grew up in Indiana, we were of course, behind the educational times. This torture didn’t start for us until junior high.

      • The Elite 8 – sounds like a new club to me!
        Yes, the midwest. An area behind the times in most aspects. Proudly rockin’ acid washed jeans until 1995. Gotta love em!

    • Hmmm . . . Maybe epic poetry for vampires – long, drawn out, overly dramatic, lasts forever and you feel drained after reading them. And, how about slam poetry for werewolves – in your face, loud and raw.
      That was fun – thanks!

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  4. I’m not big on horror movies. But I really enjoyed your haiku! Here’s my “dorky” attempt :

    Spooky night time air…
    Scared, screaming pumpkins glowing
    Skeletons dancing

    Happy early Halloween! And congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

  5. Undead shuffling.
    Go Upstairs! Get to the mall!
    They’ll never find me.

    What a fun exercise!!!! I may have to try something like this on my blog.

    Thank you for the post and mid-day smile!

  6. I tried – I suck at this shit. And I hate zombies. Read World War Z and I was buggin’ for weeks. But then I decided I needed a skill so I started knitting. That way when the zombies come, I can make clothes since manufacturers won’t be. And I’ll be in Canada to stay away from the zacks so I’ll need some hats and mittens and what not. It was a much better idea at the time.

      • When I was a Grad Student, the secretary for the Ed Psych department was a fun lady that was about 60 years old. She talked about taking her grandkids Trick or Treating in the college neighborhoods around UGA. She took a shot glass and when the kids got a ‘treat’ – so did she. Hard telling how many shots of how many different liquors she had by the end of the night. Apparently, the college boys thought she was a hoot.

  7. Zombie hoard outside
    and just got a paper cut.
    Why me? F.M.L.

    Don’t know if this makes sense. haha

    Love this blog and I LOVE zombies! I’m definitely adding this to my links on my blog. I’m currently writing a zombie novel. Mind if I possibly use one of your haikus?

    Josh Musser

  8. Brains brains brains brains brains
    Brains brains brains brains brains brains brains
    Brains brains brains brains brains

    I mean really…if I’m a zombie (particularly a Return of the Living Dead variety)…and I’m writing haiku…that’s pretty much it.

    I am surrounded
    And am knee deep in bodies
    Where’s my machete?


  9. Boarded up and safe,
    Shucks, we forgot a window!
    Here they come to eat!

    You’re not alone in your love for zombies! I love love love them. I have zombie movie nights with best friend. You haven’t lived the life until you’ve eaten an entire thing of oreos while watching zombie movies!

    Great post, congrats on FP!

  10. Not even gonna try. You rock sista.
    Congrats on being fp’d. And I love your zombie haikus. And any reference,’photographic or otherwise, to Shaun of the Dead makes
    me happy. Very happy.

  11. Ok here I go!

    Aim for the head, miss
    Aim for the knees, eyes, ANYTHING!
    Lost my glasses, got bit


    I gave it a good shot but man this is so much fun!! Thank you for introducing me to haiku’s. Oh and I am such a HUGE (not literally) zombie fan as well. Which reminds me, Please read FEED by Mira Grant. Amazing post zombie book where bloggers have kind of taken over from the traditional news networks. I know you will love it.

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  13. Red suit, my God Jim
    “No one” is alive again
    No beam up, just scream.

    Thought I would combine my favorite with yours.

    My day is complete
    My brain lying at my feet
    Look a tasty treat

    Gotta stop now, subtle addictiveness.

  14. I heart you! and this blog! So glad to see you get Pressed! :)
    I am participating in a zombie parade tomorrow. this was perfect to get me in the zombie mood!!!
    I love halloween. dangit why can’t October last forever?

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  16. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    I’ve got haiku fever, too! Not neccessarily ZOMBIE haiku fever, but Halloween!

    Think I’ll give this a shot:

    Somewhere in the night
    Are creatures so vile and cruel
    They feast on our flesh

    Somewhere in the night,
    Vampires drink a mortal’s blood
    Companionship bought

    Somewhere in the night,
    Werewolves long for human flesh
    One bite and they’re gone

    Somewhere in the night,
    Zombies roam with one-track minds
    Brains, groan, brains, brains, brains

    Somewhere in the night,
    Witches concoct devil’s spell
    Ripe for the casting

    Be aware of them
    One false move and pretty soon
    You will end up dead…

    LOVE Halloween movies, especially vampire ones (but not Twilight). They have the whole conception of vampires wrong, in my opinion. Zombie ones are pretty good, too, but haven’t seen a lot of them.

  17. Those are great! I think I’ll play.

    Drip, drip, shower drain
    Pretty girl, carving knife, scream
    Blood, Mother, blood, blood!

    I’ll have some zombie ones later. :)

    • Carl tends to exaggerate. I didn’t learn that until middle and high school and I’m sure that he didn’t either. Go to Carl’s blog and you’ll see more of his exaggerations there!

  18. My erm…. my ‘friend’ Mon the Highlander, is renowned for his very bad Odes however, when I saw this on ‘Freshly Pressed’ (congratulations, BTW) I asked Mon if he had any Haiku in him. He had no idea what that was, and became quite alarmed but, once I managed to get him to stop eating his pencil, he decided to write in the only way he knows how. So, this goes out to you:

    Ode to the Zombie Haiku Person.

    Person, oh person
    you wrote a five seven five
    My bee has no legs

    … and my hat has gone noodling off into the sky in a way that is not like a small moth on a boat.

    Yep. He started off well, but that’s Mon for you!

    Once again, congratulations. Loved looking through your blog.


      • Oh dear. I should warn you now, then! Mon has a tendency to write Odes for people who have mentioned (sometimes only once) that they have enjoyed his work. He really does not need much encouragement. So, it is quite possible that you will receive another Ode, just for you, when he has finished creating his latest works. You may start cringing now. It’s what most people do when they receive such news.

        • Too late. I’ve already had half a bottle of wine. Impossible for me to cringe. I don’t even know if my replies to all these comments are making any sense anymore. Do odes rhyme? As long as it rhymes, I’m good.

                • Well, A. What can I say? Mon has an absolutely terrifying ability to ‘get’… almost everything, now that I think on it. I will certainly let him know that he has managed to ‘get’ AmyWhoIsNotAZombie. This is bound to delight him. As a result, I do not think I will be sleeping for the next few days. His ‘gnurgles’ and ‘spoodlings’ (which are the noises he tends to make when he is particularly happy about something) can get quite loud. And, of course, you have just gone and complimented him, in your own way, too. Oh dear. He will probably write an Ode to you now.

  19. I don’t get people’s attitude – they consider zombies as something wrong without even a slightest attempt to comprehend them. Hence some words upon those poor outcasts:

    As they gather here
    We’re all trembling in disgust
    Why can’t we love them?

  20. Okay, either you get Julie Gray’s The Script Dept. email newsletter, or this is a TOTALLY AWESOME coincidence!

    I love the call-backs to some of my favorite zombie flicks! My horror peeps are in da’ house and it’s decrepit and creepy.

    Really awesome haikus, everybody! Here’s my offering:

    Flu-like symptoms, dear
    Don’t think tea will help this time
    You smell delicious

    I’m going to throw some link-love your way. Great stuff!

    • Must be a totally awesome coincidence cause I’m so not on that newsletter mailing list. There are some awesome haikus going on around here. It’s very cool!
      Thanks for sharing!

  21. Great post Amy. And love all the comments.

    We are a Zombie ad agency. It’s always encouraging to meet other limb-eating bloggers. I wrote this post about our Zombie ways yesterday – with some pretty lively comments too:


    There is a pic in there of the agency in full make-up and the best Haiku ever:

    “Although we walk slow,
    that dead-end alley she chose
    will speed up our meal.”

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  23. Good stuff. Looks like you got a lot of people really into this one.

    “It’s in your hea-ad
    in your head, zombie, zombie

    Hmmmm…that may not be an original. Seems familiar.

  24. Congrats on the “Freshly Pressed” kiddo.

    Here’s my haiku.

    Give me some more brains
    I promise I won’t bite…Hard…
    I’m hungry like you…

    One of my favorite Zombie movies of all times is Zombieland, I know it’s fairly new but it’s downright hilarious.

  25. pure tribute to the forest of hands and teeth

    teeth so sharp, eyes see through me
    once i called you mom

    and because i could not help myself

    zombie on my lawn
    we don’t like zombies on the lawn
    meet my flamethrower

    love your post!! (and the fido icon) grats on fresh pressed :)

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  27. Love this!

    And I love halloween! Here in Armenia a few friends of mine (Peace Corps Volunteers) actually made a plan for what we would do in case of a zombie attack in Armenia. Hmmm… a blog post idea!

    But I love this. And I’ll play the haiku game!

    Club of some sort, check.
    Friend to fight with, check. Thanks, Frank.
    Wait… Frank?! Why’re… you… bit-…..

    Congrats on getting freshly pressed!

  28. Sorry I was too busy to enjoy this earlier but you’ve made me happy this Saturday morning. I won’t even try to top all this haiku goodness (although you may want to shoot this to a few agents), but I will say I’m proud that you’ve come out as a dork. Sounds like you already had. I was always a dork and dedicated my college years to becoming a popular dork. Then I just rolled it right into professional dork. I hope to one day achieve dork legend status. That would be beast. Congrats on a great post!

    • My dorkdom is not a secret to those who know me well. I’m still working toward being a professional dork, just an amateur at the moment.
      Thank you!!

  29. I love that pic from Sean of the Dead. It’s one of my fave films ever…

    How can you not love zombies, they’re like the chav cousin of the Vampire, undead but with messy eating habits..heh heh

  30. I too have a love of Halloween, horror movies, and zombies. I have been on a zombie kick lately.
    I must be a dork also then.
    It’s nice to find a kindred spirit!

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  32. Try zombieaffirms
    A good zombie iPhone app
    It will make you laugh!

    Hmm…not my best work, but then again, since I have never published a haiku, maybe it IS my best work…

    Thanks for the funny post and the smile! ZombieAffirms is a funny app for zombie lovers…maybe it’ll give you a laugh, too!

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  34. You dangerous lady you. You spreading mental plague and take over minds with this diabolical subterfuge. Hooky Koo stuff.

    You hook people with
    Doing five, seven and five
    Virus in their brains.

    Well I am not falling for it one bit like all the afore listed sheep. No way!

  35. i survived the night
    no more zombies are here now
    the police come…help! *bang*

    shotgun in hand
    chainsaw replaces the other
    bring it on, scum bag

    ambling, moaning stench
    is that my neighbor, mr. smith?
    dibs on his new car

    undead hordes out back?
    i will defend with some plants
    who knew veggies ‘splode?

    anything at hand?
    there’s not much time left at all!
    i should go upstairs!

    no more haikus form me
    someone is at the door now
    hello? wait! no! *chomp*

  36. I love this! zombies are a passion of mine. I love the guts and the violence and the funnies. I suggest the Zombie survival guide by max brooks to everyone i meet

  37. Bwahaha! I have no haiku to share, but had to post because I’m currently in rehearsal for “Night of the Living Dead”, a stage adaptation of George Romero’s film. We open Friday…I may recite a couple of your haikus at rehearsal next week, if you don’t mind. :-)

    • Jealous! I want to be in a zombie play. Totally don’t mind if you read my haikus, although some of the ones in the comments are even better.
      Break a leg!

  38. I’m all alone now
    Escaped the darkness
    Now the room is light

    Darkness soon returns
    Zombies have taken over
    You can’t run or hide

    Something is changing
    I’m hungry but I just ate
    People lying dead

    I am a monster
    but there’s no way to stop it
    I can’t run or hide

    Hope you enjoyed that poem. I think the thaught of a zombie apocalypse is exciting and scaryall at the same time. Zombieland was the greatest movie ever! and “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks was great! Yeah im a nerd too:)

  39. I’m in…here it is:

    Scary cat with sharp claws.
    Green eyes penetrating me.
    Swoop; now scarred for life.

    Happy Halloween!

  40. I am a zombie
    I monitor your site
    and your hateful thoughts

    that’s why I eat
    your lily while souls first
    my hunger growls loud

    but you won’t hear
    cause I am too stealthy
    I smell your hatred

    I know where you live
    but you won’t be living long
    you’re already dead dork

    and you taste like pork
    I’d spit you out gladly
    but I have my duty

      • yeah but I realized there were too many syllables so I did it over and you became my zombie wife…hope that’s okay…we really do have fun, believe it or not…you’ll see…Imagine having a zombie husband…getting eaten all day long….there are perks…after all, there’s only so much gray matter…now you know what zombies really like to eat…maybe you don’t cause I’ve eaten your brain…it can be confusing…zombies are dead serious about cunnilingus and this is secret cause we’re so maligned among the so called “living”….so you can stop wearing undies…

          • no worries…zombies cheat like bandits and require no patience oncesoever cause once you give them a taste of what they grave you can store them in your closet provided you give them a taste every couple of days…that’s really why zombies look the way they do…unbridled lust…I’m surprised you didn’t know this cause you present as kind of a zombie expert…

  41. I am a zombie
    I monitor your site
    and your hateful thoughts

    that’s why I eat
    your lily while souls first
    my hunger growls loud

    but you won’t hear
    cause I am too stealthy
    I smell your hatred

    I know where you live
    but you won’t live there long
    you’re a dead dork

    and you taste like pork
    I’d spit you out gladly
    but I’m not glad

    I’ll creep up slow
    you won’t even know it
    my new zombie wife

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  43. My inability to write haikus is rivalled only by my inability to master complex algebra. But great post – zombie films are fabulously trashy and awesome :)

    I’ve read a few of your other posts too – good blog in general. I like your writing.


  44. Okay, couldn’t resist. I love haikus (or really any kind of writing)

    cold echoes through me
    zombies approaching I know
    I put on a coat

    Okay, that’s just funny. I’ll try again with another topic.

    Screams will be the night
    Here it echoing with fright
    This is just not right

    Hey it rhymed! That’s good for now.

  45. wow. that was great fun to read. i shall try my first haiku:

    hungry need brains find food
    husband daughter and son…food?
    no, no brains there,damn

    okay. so i don’t haiku well, but thanks for the try and i had a great time reading everyone elses!
    happy halloween!

    • Hee, hee! Brainless family. I did write one about my husband being a zombie and not acting any differently than he does now, but thought it was too mean to post on my blog (he’s kinda sensitive, for a zombie).

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  47. Hahaha, I love the Thriller one you did! And I had no idea what a haiku was ’till just now! Learn something new everyday, I guess.
    For the love of zombie movies, and their awesomness, I’ll give it a try…

    Such lovely flame light
    Zombie zombie burning bright
    Flames will kill it, right?

    Undead, it’s walking
    Dead hands reaching out to me
    Aim for the head. Dead.

    Zombie bit my leg!
    Stupid, undead, no brain, twit!
    Strange… I’m so hungry…

    Sooo, yep. Zombie haiku… I tried.

  48. Glad you asked me out
    this picnic will be heaps fun
    oops I ate your face

    Hold on a second
    I’ll see what’s behind the door
    crap- he ate my face

    Check on my mother
    she’s been so lonely lately
    then I’ll eat her face

    Being undead is
    no excuse for bad manners
    for shame, zombie hoard.

  49. Hi,

    Don’t get me wrong. I love your haikus. And zombies, of course. But there’s one element of a haiku that I find to be really important. It’s the discovery, revelation or contradiction that comes in the last line of a classical haiku.

    Undying hunger.
    Just out for midnight snack?
    Run, it’s a zombie!

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  51. You are not a dork….you’re just “different”, LOL.

    I was an extra in an independent film called “Broken Springs: Shine of the Undead Zombie Bastards”…by Neeley Lawson.

    It was so much fun and the zombies were terrific. I will finally get to see it Oct. 30th…you can watch the trailer…the link is on my wordpress page at:


    Happy Halloween!

    PS. My daughter is planning a Halloween themed wedding…it’s her favorite holiday.

    • My sister was married on Halloween. I want to, but there was a home college football game that weekend and it would have been impossible to get hotel rooms for my family.
      How fun to be in a zombie movie!

  52. This makes me smile. I know know zombie haiku for you today, though I’ve written Zombie Walt Whitman posts before.

    More to the point, Ryan Mecum, author of Zombie Haiku, is writing about the high calling of zombies for a web magazine I edit. We’re pretty excited about it, and Ryan is a super cool guy.

    • Zombie Walt Witman, eh? Oh zombie, my zombie, our bloodful brain is done . . .
      Everyone keeps telling me about the Mecum book. I’ll have to look it up the next time I’m in Borders.

  53. Awesome! I love haiku! I don’t have as much zombie-love as you, but zombies are fun to think about. Let’s see what I can come up with.

    Rotten zombie dude
    Missing pieces, nasty smells
    Dripping on my rug

    Yours were better.

  54. Dork? Heck no, you’re pretty much the coolest. It’s so funny how excited people seem to get over zombie talk. The videos posted above are pure gold

    Carlynne!!! Your Haiku made me tear up. When I’m on my death bed and I have all those happy flashbacks of childhood and precious life moments, your haiku will be there. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about it was one from above. Carlynne wrote:

    Glad you asked me out
    this picnic will be heaps fun
    oops I ate your face

    Hold on a second
    I’ll see what’s behind the door
    crap- he ate my face

    Check on my mother
    she’s been so lonely lately
    then I’ll eat her face

    Being undead is
    no excuse for bad manners
    for shame, zombie hoard.

    Have you ever heard of the movie Red Neck Zombies? I discovered this video earlier this week in another zombie blog (Doug Brown’s Blog… you know, the ‘name five zombie movies guy or we’ll eat you’ guy). It cracked me up

    • You must be a dork if you think I’m cool (and I mean that in the nicest possible way!).
      I have seen the Redneck Zombies clip. As if rednecks weren’t scary enough!

      • I’m a little bit of a dork… just the right amount though. I’m so surprised you’ve seen this clip already! You’re an expert at this.

    • In amongst the “shitty things I’ve read” portion of your memories, there lies nestled some Zombie Haiku. Excellent! Thanks for commenting on my comment, that’s class.

      I’ve always dug on haiku.

      • My pleasure. I was in class as I was reading it for the first time and was trying to hold in my laughs so bad I was tearing up. So thank you.

  55. This is addictive.

    Raw talent out there
    Red neck Zombies made me sick
    That happens rarely

    Last time I remember it
    So cleansing to puke

    I think I will just talk in Haiku now, used to have to think up words that rhyme, now I can just express.

    • Reanimator – almost forgot about that one!
      Talking only in haiku will definitely help with thinking about what you say before you say it. I should probably try it!

  56. slide the round in, click
    the stench and rot, am nauseous
    satisfying boom

    avoid flamethrowers
    burning zombies die slowly
    burn down my stronghold

    a furry dead thing
    makes hungry sounds of terror
    fuck, dog is zombie

  57. I like your style and I <3 zombies!
    I'm currently watching an anime called High School of The Dead! Check my blog for a link

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