washi madness

A short while back I mentioned that I would like to own some washi tape. I even helpfully supplied a website where said tape could be purchased for a reasonable price plus shipping and handling. Lucky for me, my sister and my mother both read my blog.  And super dog lucky for me, neither one of them consulted with the other before buying me some tape for my birthday.  So, I got a double-shot of washi love.

I'm gonna make it rain washi up in here, bitches!

I immediately stuck tape on everything.  It was awesome (yeah, I gotta get out more).  I used it to prettify my day planner and to decorate my mother’s birthday present.  I also used it to wrap my husband’s birthday present.

Actually, I mummified his present.

Then, things got kind of weird. 

I ripped off little pieces of tape and stuck them to a big sheet of paper. The placement wasn’t random, but I didn’t yet know exactly what the configuration meant.  I can only describe it as a Richard Dreyfuss moment from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I ripped and stuck and ripped and stuck and eventually the image before me made sense.  When I was done, instead of a miniature Devil’s Tower, I had this:

It’s a washi zombie. What else did you expect from me?

Yes, I am aware that I might have a problem.

34 thoughts on “washi madness

    • It’s like really thin masking tape and it can stick to most anything, but can also be removed really easily. I want to decorate my furniture with it now. And maybe a wall. It’s a sickness.

  1. Ahhh….that was histerical. LOVE your washi zombi…what else was it possibly going to turn into? A college frat boy drinking grain-alcohol-laced cool-aid?

    Wait. It could be that too…

  2. HA! Loved the photo caption “I’m gonna make it rain washi up in here, bitches!” Made me snort coffee out my nose. Now that I’m all cleaned up, I’m off to search for washi tape. Now look what you’ve started!

  3. I didn’t read your headline very carefully and thought it said Sushi Madness, so I was a bit put off that the blog was about tape and not food but that’s because it’s 10 am and I haven’t had my second breakfast yet. I will feel better disposed to eating tape later in the day.

  4. WOAH. I don’t need this info. I don’t need another crafty thing to buy then try then put in the closet. I sure don’t need to washi my fridge. which is what would happen! :)

    • Oh, come on. Just one roll. You know you want it. What harm could one roll do?
      And, I think a washi covered fridge is a grand idea!

    • Thank you, but really this is just a side-effect of my often addled brain. I get in phases where I can’t sit still and have to be doing something with my hands. I can’t even blame alcohol for this one!

  5. I want a Washi Sheepdog. Perfect medium…hair sticking out all over not much defined shape. Use the two toned blue/teal for the collar. Thanks.

    • Yeah, I love him and all, but not that much. It was a DVD (The Hangover, if you’re curious) and he opened it the same way he opens most things – with his pocket knife. It actually was kind of cool cause he peeled it off and there was one big sheet of this tape. Okay, it was cool if you’re me and think this kind of thing is cool.

  6. I never know what to expect from you, but am always amazed at what you come up with. Washi Zombie. That is so totally artisitic. “The two look very similiar. Growing up in a college town, I am able to tell them apart.” Too funny!!! Where did Tom find you….he is so talented.

    • I guess “artistic” is one word for it! And, I like to think that we found each other. That way neither of us is to blame.
      Thanks, KR!

    • I don’t know if this is an acceptable use for washi tape, so don’t be surprised if your research turns up rather different results. It is fun, though!

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