good kitty

Loud mewling echoed from behind the cellar door followed by violent scratching that rattled the hinges.  Hazel placed one dry palm against the unvarnished wood and whispered, “Shhh, kitty. Maw-maw will have your dinner soon.” The mewling was replaced with a rumbling that could’ve been either a purr or a growl. Only Hazel knew the difference.

The hunched woman tightened the belt of her threadbare housecoat and shuffled to the kitchen on slippered feet.  In the cupboard, she found a can of tuna and then rummaged around in a drawer for the rusty opener.  She was draining the tuna in the sink when she heard a knock on her front door. 

Hazel made her way to the front window and pushed aside the yellowed lace curtain to inspect her visitor.  He was a shaggy sort of man in his late twenties wearing ill-fitting pants and a faded t-shirt. Hazel wrinkled her nose at his appearance, but opened the door anyway. 

“Can I help you?” Hazel asked, tucking a stray lock of white hair behind her ear. 

The man absently scratched his neck and mumbled, “Um, did you have an ad in the paper about old comic books for sale?”

Hazel opened the door wider and stepped aside.  “Yes. That was my ad. Please, come in.”

After the man had crossed the threshold, Hazel motioned for him to follow her further into the house. 

He glanced around the dim, dusty home. “So, all these comics are from the forties and late thirties and are in mint condition?”

“Oh, yes,” said Hazel. “They are all sealed in plastic. Looks like they’ve never been read.”

“And you want five bucks apiece for them?” He said this loud and slow as if he thought the old woman might be hard of hearing.

Hazel smiled to herself.  “Yes. Five dollars. That’s what the stores are selling comics for these days, isn’t it? I thought that price was more than fair.”

The man’s jaw dropped, but Hazel pretended not to notice.  She opened the door to the cellar and pointed one gnarled finger down into the darkness.  “My old bones aren’t what they used to be, so you will have to pick through them by yourself.”   

To his credit, the man hesitated a moment and contemplated the dank, over-ripe stench bubbling up from the depths of the cellar.  But, his greed compelled him to descend the stairs, one hand sliding along the damp wall for support. 

“The light switch is at the bottom on your right, ” said Hazel.  “Mind your step.”  

When he reached the edge of the pool of light cast by the open door he paused and turned to look up at Hazel. 

She smiled down at him and closed the door. 

“Hey! Wait!” yelled the man. 

Hazel turned the lock.  Through the door she could hear him trip on the stairs and fall further into the cellar.  Then she heard the growl.  Yes, this was definitely a growl.  When she heard the man’s frantic screams, she murmured, “good, kitty,” then shuffled to the kitchen to finish preparing her tuna sandwich. 

Let this be a lesson to you. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Five dollar mint condition comic books from the thirties? That guy was too gullible to live, anyway.

Two more zombies left. It’s getting down to the wire. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if there isn’t a 2012 make your own zombie calendar. It could be dark times ahead.  And I don’t mean that in a good way.

See the rest of my zombie friends and read their stories by clicking on these underlined words.

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32 thoughts on “good kitty

  1. There is nothing quite like a growling feline,
    and your Zombies are all great, I have been
    on that one a few times already…

    Let us hope that there is a continuation of these
    wickedly ghoulish Zombies… I like them :)

    Have a wonderful rest of day and weekend Amy

    Androgoth Xx

    • I would love to continue this next year, but if they don’t make a new calendar I will have to think of some other inspiration for my stories.

  2. I like the zombie cat. One thing I never understood about zombie movies is why only people can become zombies, because I think a zombie dog would be pretty scary. Also, a zombie crow.

    • I think the only reason why they don’t make animal zombies is because that would make for a very short movie. I mean, even if we just stick with mammals, humans wouldn’t stand a chance against hordes or zombie rats, squirrels, raccoons, deer, dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.

  3. “To his credit, the man hesitated a moment and contemplated the dank, over-ripe stench bubbling up from the depths of the cellar.”

    I like that you gave your guy a little spine. Too bad Kitty was feasting on it only moments later ;)

    I really think you need to check your calendar for publisher information and contact them – NOW! for next years calendar. This is too good to let go!

    • “I like that you gave your guy a little spine. Too bad Kitty was feasting on it only moments later” – Hahaha!
      I’ve tried to find the publisher on-line before to see if they already had a new calendar for next year, but I couldn’t really find anything.

      • hm. What a dilemna. Guess I could try my hand at making a 3-D Zombie calendar for you. It would be atrocious and in bad taste. And if you actually attempted to assemble them, you would not only not gain that 3rd dimension. You’d probably lose the first 2, and be sucked into a negative time vortex. Which, in itself, might provide provocative fodder for up and coming posts… if you could find a way to communicate from in there.

        I’M ON IT!

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