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You guys know this thing I do with the robots, right? And that last year I did the same thing with zombies?

Well, I had a few people tell me that I should contact the “Fold Your Own” calendar people and let them know how I was abusing enjoying their product.  I toyed with the idea for a while, shelved it, pulled it back down and tossed it around, forgot about it, then finally said, “Why the heck not?” (a different four letter word may or may not have replaced “heck”)

So, by the power of the internet (not to be confused with the power of Grayskull) I found a contact email address for the calendar division of Accord Publishing and I sent them an email. Please note how carefully I crafted the text in an effort to not sound like a crazy person or an attention whore (yes, much restraint was shown by me).


Last year, my husband bought me the Fold Your Own Zombie: 2011 Calendar. I loved it even before I removed the protective plastic packaging. Each month, I would assemble a new zombie pal to keep me company at work. I loved it so much, I started looking for a 2012 Fold Your Own calendar in November. I was hoping for more zombies, but was not disappointed when I saw that the new theme was robots. I was also happy to see that your robot designs have just as much character, charm, and attention to detail as their zombie counterparts.

Okay, here’s where it gets a little awkward. See, I had quite a few people tell me that I should contact the maker of the Fold Your Own Calendars.

Why? Well, last year on the first of the month I would post a picture of my freshly assembled zombie along with an original story starring my new undead pal. I started it on a lark, but those posts became quite popular in my little circle. I am continuing the “picture and a story” tradition with the robots, too. I was told that the makers of these calendars may like to know how their product is being used out in the world and that they are bringing joy to (at least a few dozen) people. So, that is the reason for this here email.

If you are interested, you can see all my assembled zombies and read their stories by going here:

And here is the link to the robots:

Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every month!


I sent it off not really expecting any sort of reply.  Just putting it out there felt kinda good.  I wiped away the proverbial dust from my hands and went about my business.

Well, slap me silly and call me Susan if I didn’t get a response that very same day.

Hi Amy,

Thank you SO much for writing! That is probably the greatest thing I’ve seen in quite a while. I have shared your email with all of our in-house creators. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear from someone that is enjoying our calendars. You’ll be happy to know that we are currently working on the 2013 titles: Zombies and Unicorns!

Andrea Mehlem
Accord Publishing

How rad is that? Did you see the “SO” in all caps for emphasis? And the “greatest thing I’ve seen in quite a while”? I’m going to imagine that Andrea sees all kinds of super-fantasic-great things every day working with “in-house creators” and all, so this is quite a compliment. And ZOMG! Zombies and Unicorns next year!?! I’m gonna have to buy more glue.

The lesson I learned from this: saying something nice is always appreciated. I already knew this, but it’s good to get a reminder every once in a while.

Speaking of reaching out and saying stuff (awkward transition, I know), how would you like the opportunity to say stuff right here on this blog? I am currently accepting applications (or a raised hand, or just a nervous glance in my direction) for guest bloggers.  If you are interested, email me at amy(dot)c(dot)severson(at)gmail(dot)com (I may even tell you what the “C” stands for).

I play pretty fast and loose around here, so I don’t have many restrictions on content. Heck, you don’t even have to have your own blog. This could be a chance for anyone to dip their toes in the blogging hot tub before they drop their towel and slide on in (ohhh yeeeah).

Please don’t let the skeevy metaphor deter you from volunteering.

You can keep your swimsuit on.

33 thoughts on “sharing is caring

  1. Are the zombies and unicorns going to be two separate calendar themes or are we talking about some kind of combination where zombies ride unicorns? If zombies can manage to tame and ride unicorns, we’re in big, big trouble.

    • I remember reading about zombies and unicorns and then it hit me: “In an epic battle for world domination between unicorns and zombies, who would win?”
      Thanks to the Bloggess, I totally want to see the two in one calendar: “I explained that the zombies win because (as we all know) unicorns can only appear to virgins and so all the unicorns would be forced to hang out in elementary school halls while the zombies continue to multiply into enormous hordes and so the unicorn numbers would stay exactly the same because unicorns are all about innocence so it’s not like they’re going to have sex in front of school children so mathematically the zombies would win by sheer number.”
      (Amy, my intention is not to drive folks away from FIOD because that’s bananas but to show the importance of how these two things are totally related. Thank you for reminding me.)

      • Yeah, THAT’s bananas. :)
        Thank you for your well thought out and purely logical comment. And obviously you are sticking to the traditional unicorn myth and not the unicorns that are pervasive all over the internets these days. Those bitches be crazy!

  2. Zombies AND Unicorns in ONE calendar? Crap. How will I every make it through these next 10 months? Seriously – next year is going to be awesome! (Provided those Mayan dudes are wrong.)

    Good for you, Amy, and congratulations! I noticed the ‘SO’, too. Great stuff. Frankly, I think the power of Grayskull may have had a helping hand.

    • I don’t know if they are combined or if they are separate, but either way, I think it will be awesome. And never underestimate the power of Grayskull. Never.

    • That’s what I figured. People should be just as willing to say something nice as they are to complain.
      I’m picturing a flaming chariot being pulled by a team of zombies with a whip-wielding unicorn at the reins.

    • Yeah, Zombie Unicorns was my thought too. Instead of biting you they pierce your brain with the horn and somehow suck it into theirs. Hard to imagine a unicorn shuffling along dragging a hoof and patches of white hide dragging the ground, but hey, why not. Interesting calendar, can’t wait.

  3. Why don’t you contact Andrea and apply for the position of creative story writer for the 2013 calendar…give all those other zombie & unicorn purchasers a taste of what can be done? What is the going rate per word anyway?

  4. ::air slap:: Hi Susan!

    I just loved this sentence:
    I was also happy to see that your robot designs have just as much character, charm, and attention to detail as their zombie counterparts.

    So if you were to find a traveling robot on your doorstep, would he figure into your monthly installments?

    • It’s kinda hard to slap me silly cause I’m already there!
      And if a traveling robot finds his way to me, he won’t get lost in the monthly rotation, but get a special spot all his own.

  5. I REALLY know what the “C” stands for – hahahahahaaaaaaaha (a la nanny nanny boo boo) But I won’t tell anyone, I promise :)

    I am sure the folks at Fold Your Own were happy to get such a positive email adoring their product, everyone wants to know if their stuff is appriciated (oh, God, I know I just misspelled that, but I am too tired to care right now)

    • I don’t mind my middle name, but I think that is actually the one detail about myself that I haven’t yet revealed in my internet life. You are one of the few that are privy to such private information!

      Who doesn’t love positive feedback? I mean, I live for it. If I didn’t get any nice comments here on my blog I’d probably throw in the towel.

  6. Okay, congratulations on the feedback. The zombie-unicorn confluence will be brain sputtering, for sure.

    I volunteer to do a guest post but your email sounds to complicated for me to attempt. So, confirm my privelage here, and give me a date, word count, and list of obscenities to avoid. I demand that all of my mispellings be included, however. Then maybe I will attempt an email (they scare me, honest-2-betsy, they do :( )

    • I’d love for you to guest post! No word count or date and if you would say it on your blog then you can say it on mine.
      Would you like me to email you first so you have my address and then all you’ll have to do is reply to me? (running a blog is much scarier than email!)

  7. I see nothing but promise as a potential creative contributor to the calendar company. That’s an opening big enough to drive a Zombie Apocalypse Retrofitted Armour-Panelled Survival School Bus through.

    And on the subject of contributions, would y’all accept a guest blog from me?

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