wine on wednesdays

Is it Wednesday already?  I don’t mean to sound unprepared, but these weeks just seem to be flying by lately.  Have I mentioned how much I appreciate you, dear readers, for reading my rambling and completely uneducated wine posts?  Well, let me remedy that right now. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Okay, back to the wine.

Some people take their wine very seriously.  Ridiculously seriously.  You can tell these people not only by the type of wine they drink, but also the accessories.  It’s all about the accessories, right?  Ultra sophisticated openers, stoppers made from precious metals and blown glass aerators that look like works of art.  Some might say that owning a 36 bottle wine cooler is going a bit overboard, but I would like to tell those people that they have no idea what they are talking about and they should just keep their big mouths shut if they know what’s good for them.  Ahem.  Uh.  Where were we?

Yes! Ridiculous accessories.  How about these.

Wine glasses that represent the seven deadly sins.  They’d be funny if the website didn’t seem to take itself just a teensy bit too seriously.  The creator encourages the drinker to be theatrical.  Last thing I want when I’m drinking wine is drama. 

Or, how about a jewel encrusted bottle stopper?

  luxury spirit Amorim Is Luxury That Also Discourages Counterfeits

Yeah, that would look real nice keeping my nine dollar bottle of Berninger fresh. 

No.  I think something like this is more my taste.

Wonderful Wine Accessories

This would be better if the corkscrew part folded down switchblade style so you could use them as real brass knuckles, but this is pretty bad-ass, too.  Wine isn’t for sissies!  Believe me, I’ve been to some wine tastings where if you weren’t quick enough, you’d get elbowed in the ribs or hip-checked out of the line.  Wine can make some people so angry.     

Yeah, you can keep your bedazzled bottle stoppers and fancy schmancy theatrical wine glasses.  Just give me a red Solo cup and a brass knuckle opener and I’m ready to party.