i say it’s my birthday

So, I was born 37 years ago today at about five in the morning if I remember my birth certificate correctly (my birth was the first and last time I voluntarily roused myself before dawn). 

Thirty seven years. 
I gotta stop screwing around and get myself rich and famous while I still got the mental and physical stamina to appreciate it. 

However, even with spine issues and my organs turning on me, I don’t feel like I’m on the near side of 40.  I definitely don’t act my age and I hope I don’t look it, either. 

That’s me over there up on the right.  It’s a fairly accurate representation of what I look like at the moment (that is if I had a magic force-field constantly surrounding me that automatically color-corrected and brightness-enhanced my features. Screw Photoshop, when are they going to invent Realityshop?).   

After almost four years of blogging, I’ve decided to stop being so anonymous and post pictures of myself.  Why not?  A lot of my friends, my sister and even my mom reads my blog, so it’s not like I have anything to hide (except that one thing, but the judge assured me those records are sealed).  So, if you’ve ever wanted a face to go with the snarky commentary, there you go.  And if you didn’t, then too bad ’cause I also changed my avatar picture so those of you with your own blogs will see me in your comments as well.

So, don’t get excited thinking you have a new visitor to your blog.  It’s just me.  Sorry. 

Well, I’m off to go have as much fun on my birthday as a person can have when it’s on a Wednesday and they have to go to work.  A margarita at lunch might be in order, though.  That’s right, drinkin’ on the job.  Screw you, adulthood!  Can’t keep this party girl down! 
So, I may have to take a nap later, but after that, it’s ON! 
I gotta work in the morning, though, so not too late, okay?
Whoo, hoo!