better living through reese’s peanut butter cups

We’ve all heard of Pinterest by now, haven’t we? That virtual scrapbook where we can pin all our favorite recipes, fashions, hairstyles, cute animals, funny sayings, art, and pictures of television characters with sarcastic captions.  Then, if it wasn’t enough to collect all these fantastic things, we get to share them with complete strangers. Cause that’s what the internet is for: learning more about people you’ve never met than you know about your own family.

One popular subject on Pinterest is food.  Sweet food being a major sub-set.  And, as you probably deduced from the title of this post (cause you’re a clever one, you are), I’m going to concentrate my focus on one item in particular.

The ubiquitous Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have found all sorts of new ways to use this popular candy. (click on the pic to go to the pin on Pinterest)

Like disguising a sloppy frosting job.

I swear there is a cake under there somewhere.

Or making favors for kid’s parties.

No, Cindy, don't eat the paper. Oh gosh. Let mommy get the ipecac.

You can turn this drugstore staple into a treat fit for a fancy soiree.

No, Mr. Campbell, don't eat the paper. Oh dear. Does anyone know the heimlich?

Also, it seems that people will never run out of new and fascinating ways to satisfy their sweet tooth. Like sandwiching a Reese’s cup between two Double-Stuff Oreos, dipping the whole mess in chocolate, and topping with Reese’s Pieces.

Diabeetus Sandwich, anyone?

Now, not all ideas involving Reese’s cups are completely whack-a-doodle.

Reese's martini - shaken, stirred, I don't care. Just hand it over and no one gets hurt.

And some ideas are completely inspired.

Reese's infused vodka. Disgusting or genius? Only time and a few mason jars will answer this question.


On this historic day, otherwise known as Wednesday, 19 of your favorite humor bloggers are staging a WordPress coup. We have banded together to address the important topic, Better Living Through Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Yes, you read that right. Your eyes are fine. Well, they may not be fine – I really don’t know. But it does say “19 of your favorite humor bloggers” (or who SHOULD be your favorite bloggers). We are all presenting the same topic, each from his or her particularly unique perspective.

Why this topic? Why now?

Why not?

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stick it!

I’ve been in a crafty mood lately.  I want to make things.  Surrounding me are papers, scissors, ribbons, glue.  I’m actually looking into buying a sewing machine.  I haven’t sewed in years, but I’ve seen so many cute sewing projects on-line that I want to try.  I should send the bill for my new sewing machine to the creator of the website How About Orange.  It’s her extensive list of DIY Tutorials that rekindled my interest in fabric and thread.  

Owl Parliament Coin Pouches

How cute are these little coin purses?

Until I actually purchase the sewing machine, I will have to stick with paper crafts.  However, I have found what may be the most awesomest little tool that I have ever seen.  I didn’t even know it existed until last week and as soon as I discovered it I was obsessed.  It is now mine. 

I give you the Xyron sticker maker. 

All hail Xyron.

First of all, I don’t know why it is zebra printed.  All the ones they had at Hobby Lobby were animal themed although I have seen some on-line that are normal colors.  This one was $12.99, but I printed Hobby Lobby’s weekly 40% off coupon from their website, so it was only about $8.  

Now for the particulars.  This thing makes stickers.  Stickers!  Any piece of paper you feed into this little machine will be magically transformed into a sticker.  How does it work? 


But, who cares how it works?  All that matters is that it makes stickers out of any paper-like material (or fabric!) that you feed into it.  Where was this machine when I was 10?  I was obsessed with stickers as a child.  I would have happily slaughtered five Care Bears for one of these.  If you have a girl-child, run out immediately and purchase a million of these*.  

The possibilities are endless!  Make your own envelope seals, to/from stickers for presents, reminder stickers for your day planner, happy stickers, fun stickers, stickers of you face, stickers of your friend’s faces.  

I’ve already made a batch for myself. 


Vintage bottle tops and movie tickets.  I don’t scrapbook, but I own a lot of scrapbooking papers because I just like how they look and I’m addicted to paper in general.  I used a scalloped edge paper punch to cut out the bottle tops and I just cut the movie tickets out with scissors.  Now they are stickers.  What will I use them for?  I donno yet.  My day planner still has some white space or maybe I’ll decorate my monitors at work.  Does it matter?  I got stickers! 

Okay.  I know that a grown woman shouldn’t be so excited about stickers.  But, it’s the little things, ya know? 

*I am in no way affiliated with Xyron nor was I compensated for my endorsement.  However if Xyron would like to toss a couple bucks my way, I know how to be discreet.  Just sayin’.