whine on wednesdays

No, that isn’t a typo in the title. 

I think I have milked the wine bag dry. When I first got the bright idea for Wine on Wednesdays I thought I had hit the mother lode. “I love wine! I’ll never run out of topics to blog about!” As is my fashion, I completely underestimated the difficulty of the task.  “How hard can ripping up the carpet in the living room be? I’ll wait until my husband leaves town and find out!”  Big mistake.

Turns out, I know jack shit about wine other than what I like and don’t like to drink.  I would love to learn more, but until the Earth slows its rotation a bit and gives us a few more hours in the day, that ain’t happening.

Plus, I found a blog about wine that is humorous and informative and says everything I would like to say if I had the slightest clue about anything wine related.  I stole ideas from that blog.  Not my proudest moment, but I was desperate. So, if you want to read about wine, go to Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog. It is awesome.  And yes, he really is a doctor.    

Another reason why I shouldn’t be blogging about wine on a regular basis is that I’m actually trying to cut down on my wine consumption. (Gasp!)  Yes, I’m afraid so.  No more wine during the week for me and only one bottle on the weekends (not counting parties and special occasions).  Why?  Well, I feel really crappy when my husband comes home from an AA meeting and I’m on the couch, half way to sloshed with red teeth.  (I’ve neglected to mention that my husband is a recovering alcoholic because up until two months ago he wasn’t “recovering.”  Remember all those posts about serious crap going on in my life? Yeah, that’s one of them.)  Luckily, when my husband sees wine he doesn’t think “alcohol, drunky fun time!”  He thinks, “foul, evil beverage that makes my brain melt!”  So, I’ve been able to keep my wine cooler and enjoy wine whenever I wish without it bothering my husband.  But, I know it isn’t fair that I get to indulge, so I’ve cut down.

Bottom line: I’m not feeling it anymore.  And, if I’m not feeling it, then I’m not going to write about it.  I had a good run – eleven wine posts.  Okay, that’s kinda lame, but at least I quit before I started churning out crap.  Right?

One last little wine related item . . .

Does anyone know how I can get red wine into an empty (unused) blood bag?

You know, for Halloween!

wine on wednesdays

You go to the store, pull a wine bottle from the shelf and set it in your cart.  Simple, huh?

Well, it can get simpler.  For some time now, we’ve had the option of pulling down a box from the shelf that holds the equivalent of four bottles.  Yes, box wine.  It’s come along way from Franzia and it’s sticky sweet offering with subtle hints of mylar.  I’ve tried the Merlot from Black Box and it wasn’t bad.  Not great.  But, it didn’t go to waste.  I’m not proud. 

Imagine if it could be even simpler.  What if you could bring in an empty bottle, gallon milk jug or mason jar to the store and fill it up with wine as if you were filling your car with gas? 

Well, imagine no more.  If you live in France, that is. 

Pull up to the machine, select your vintage and pump into the container of your choice.  The winery saves money because they don’t have to fill and ship individual bottles and they pass that savings on to the consumer who is also recycling containers.  Win-win and win!  Hopefully all the red tape can be cut so we can get these machines in the states soon.  We need to write some letters and make this happen, people.  

You can read more about these machines at this fun wine blog, Dr. Vino.  But, please, once you have read his thoroughly researched, well-written blog, please come back to my shabby little corner of the interweb. 

He doesn’t love you like I do!