it’s like “Where’s Waldo” only way easier

I’ve been neglecting my little corner of the Internet. I have many good, solid, reasonable excuses, but you don’t want to hear all that and I’m too busy to type them all out anyway.

But, I have been up to stuff. Some of it quite fun.

First of all, I was chosen by the wise and lovely Hippie Cahier to partake in a little venture she started called The Oma Today Project.  I got to play host to a cute, gray robot and post about his adventures. Check it out! Tell your friends! And sign up to host The Oma yourself!

Second, the publisher I am interning for, Musa, asked me to contribute a post to their blog. And it’s all about my favorite subject: Me! So, if you’d like to read about my attempts to tackle crushing insecurity and my fear of babies then clicky here.

Between my part-time gig being an editing intern and trying to write my novel about pan-dimensional monsters, I will not have much time to post new stuff here.  However, I do promise to continue my Robot-A-Month posts. I enjoy them too much to let them languish un-assembled with their story untold.