if I could get away with it, I’d dress like this all the time

My job has a “use them or lose them” policy when it comes to vacation days. I had two days left to use before my anniversary date in November, so I took off yesterday and today.  I figured that I would need the extra time to prepare for my Halloween party and boy was I right.  Because I tend to be a little OCD and a bit of a perfectionist, I was fiddling with my decorations for most of the day yesterday.  I know that no one will care if I have three spiders hanging from the doorway or two, but I spent hours rearranging them anyway.  I settled on three spiders. For some reason odd numbers calm me. Yeah, I have a therapist.

Today will be spent buying food and vacuuming.  You’re enthralled, I know.  I also have to get my costume together.  I have all the main pieces, but I think I still need some details.  Like goggles.  And dry ice.  And a Van de Graaff generator.  I may have to do without that last one.

I’m not going to reveal my costume here untill Halloween, but I will let you see my costume from last year (and because I promised fellow Halloween junkie Thought’s Appear that I would). 

That is me on the left as zombie Princess Leia, my mom in the middle as The Ghost of Halloween and my sister on the right as Julie McCoy the Cruise Director from The Love Boat.  If you haven’t read the story about last year’s Halloween party I would really love if you would.  It’s a big ball of rad.

Here’s another pic with my mom’s boyfriend Captain Bill (yes he really is a captain).

He didn’t rent that costume, folks.  He made everything.  Capt’n Bill don’t play. 

Here’s one with my husband.

Yes, my husband is Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.  The only way he would dress up is if he could be Stewie so I sewed a big pair of red overalls for him.  He already owned the teddy bear. 

So, yeah, last year’s Halloween is a big act to follow.  I know that there won’t be any surprise guests or explosions, but that’s okay.  I am looking forward to spending time with some old friends who I haven’t seen in a while. 

Excuse me, I have some spiders to rearrange.