on the tenth day of BlogFestivus (give me strength)

Troy, the leader of the East Side G’s, lead his gang down the dark street.  They were deep into enemy territory on the south side and it made them jumpy.  The stakes were high, but worth it if it meant controlling more of the city.

The gang turned in the direction of the headquarters of their rivals, The Lords.  They stopped when they saw movement at the other end of the street.  Troy braced himself for a fight and motioned to his guys to get ready.  However, they were wholly unprepared for what happened next.

They saw ten Lords, a-leaping down the street, snapping their fingers, and twirling around lamp-posts.  Then, they lined up and simultaneously dropped to one knee, their arms spread wide, hands splayed out and waving.

Dumfounded, the G’s backed up slowly.  Troy whispered, “Let’s go raid the north side, instead.”

The Lords love jazz hands.  Who doesn’t, right?  Only two more days left to go.  Thank, God.

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