zombie survival tips: a guest post from my blog wife

I’m honoring a commitment ceremony on Independence Day. Kinda ironic, huh? Well, I don’t think of my blog wife, Thoughts Appear, as a ball-and-chain but more like a partner-in-crime.  And to prove it, today I’m letting her steal the show.


 When Amy, aka Zombie Princess Leia, asked me to write a guest post, I knew immediately what to write about. Zombies. 

And since the zombie apocalypse is rapidly approaching, I decided to rewatch a classic zombie movie for survival tips: George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead

Step 1: Identifying Zombies 

The zombie experts in Cumberland, Maryland (Thoughtsy’s Fun Fact #1: I went to college near Cumberland.), describe zombies as…

  • Mis-shapened people
  • People who act like animals
  • People in a trance
  • People who eat flesh 

If you’re still unsure if someone is a zombie, there are two tests to administer.

  • Zombies are afraid of fire.
  • Zombies lick their lips when you pour salt and pepper on your arm. 

Step 2: Escaping Zombies 

Here are the escape tips I learned from the movie:

  • Beware of headstones when running in the cemetery.
  • Don’t let a woman drive the escape vehicle. She’ll wreck it…after driving 5 feet.
  • Don’t let a man drive the escape vehicle. He’ll catch it on fire.
  • Maybe just forget escape vehicles and wait for rescue. 

And finally and most importantly…

 Step 3: Zombie Karma 

If you tease your sister in the graveyard, a zombie will eat you. (Thoughtsy’s Fun Fact #2: I have a brother who teases me…a lot.) 

Now gimme your best zombie face. Here’s mine.  


Thank you, Thoughtsy, for your informative and (more importantly) highly entertaining guest post.  And, also thank you so much for my awesome engagement ring!  I love it! 

I may have licked it. Just once.

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